Optimize existing heating and cooling systems


Optimize existing heating and cooling systems

The building blocks for our unique complete solution:
Smart product, unparalleled service and an unbeatable offer




Our solution is ideal for a diverse range of properties, accommodating buildings with as few as 20 residential units to large portfolios exceeding 10,000 residential units. It is versatile across all asset classes, including care properties, hotels, offices, residential, retail and even maritime applications like ships.

PAUL ermöglicht Ihnen Einsparungen von Energiekosten und CO₂-Steuern von bis zu 40%.
PAUL hilft durch die Reduzierung von CO₂-Emmissionen bei der Wärmewende und beim Klimaschutz
PAUL macht Ihre Gebäude energieeffizienter und hilft so bei der Wertsteigerung Ihrer Immobilie
PAUL bremst die Nebenkosten ab und trägt zum Erhalt bezahlbarer Mieten bei
PAUL ermöglicht den adaptiven dauerhaften hydraulischen Abgleich
PAUL digitalisiert Ihr Gebäude und liefert Ihnen so transparente Verbrauchsdaten in Echtzeit
PAUL verschafft Ihnen die perfekte Vorbereitung für den Einsatz alternativer Wärmeerzeuger wie der Wärmepumpe
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PAUL enables you to achieve up to a 40% reduction in energy costs and CO₂ taxes
PAUL significantly reduces CO₂ emissions, contributing to climate protection and ensuring a more sustainable operation of heating systems
PAUL boosts buildings energy-efficient, conserving energy and enhancing the property value
PAUL curtails ancillary costs, aiding in the maintenance of affordable rents
PAUL enables adaptive permanent hydronic balancing, ensuring optimal distribution and utilization of heat within a building
PAUL digitalizes your building, providing you with transparent and real-time consumption data
PAUL seamlessly integrates with alternative heat generators like heat pumps, preparing your building for future heating technologies
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Synergy of hardware and software | Crafted and assembled by us in Mannheim

Our unique blend of IoT-capable hardware, produced in-house, and our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology ensures your heating and hot water systems operate at peak efficiency. By continuously adapting to the real-time demand of users, the heating network is always optimized. PAUL achieves ongoing adaptive hydronic balancing, digitalizes your building’s heat distribution and significantly reduces energy consumption.

How does it work?

PAUL’s AI-enabled technology collects and analyzes data from inside and outside your building to optimize your energy flows.


Smart Valve

These valves are installed on the system risers and act as motorized actuators to automatically adjust the system’s volume flow based on live data.



Serving as the AI-driven core of the system, this gateway processes data from various sensors to make smart, efficiency-boosting adjustments in real time.


Temperature Sensors

Placed strategically throughout your pipes, these sensors accurately monitor temperature variations, identifying opportunities for optimal heat distribution and efficiency.


Energy valve

Positioned in the pipe’s return section, this valve optimizes volume flow, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and lowering operational costs.

PAUL Intelligence | Our digital components in action

Commisioning | Unlocking savings swiftly and effortlessly